Adolf Dassler, the founder of Adidas shoes, was himself a cobbler and an avid athlete. The spirit of the founder was to build the best shoes for athletes. In history, no other founder was the athlete and needs of athletes’ batter than he did. Adidas shoes have written sports history. In 1936, an American sprinter Jesse Owens won the game in Olympics with four gold medals in Adidas shoes.

Just have a look at the history of athletes, in 1972, 78% of athletes in the Olympics wore Adidas shoes, and this figure increased in 1984 to 89%. The style and qualities of these shoes have attracted many players and athletes, especially from NCAA and NBA. Adidas is a German company. As mentioned above, it is inventing new techniques to make innovations in the shoe field. These shoes are more durable and comfier.


Best features and qualities of Adidas shoes:


There are some best features of Adidas shoes, which make them different and unique from other brands.

  • 3-D Printed soles:

    Adidas is producing innovative concepts while making shoes and sneakers. It does not depend on old ideas but continually testing new products just to make a better shoe for all athletes. Now, they introduced 3-D printed shoes in the market. These shoes are superb, and Adidas sees these shoes as an imaginative way to take the sports shoes and sneakers to the next level. These soles are amazing, and they have made these shoes with a 3D printer. These shoes can be created for unique feet or designed for a specific individual.


  • Leather upper:

    Which thing is most important in any shoe? That thing is it’s upper. The upper of any shoe is everything. It is challenging to get the required shape from a single piece of fabric. Mostly, uppers of shoes are created from multiple parts of the materials. Adidas has invented many new techniques and soles that boast a seamless upper, and it will allow for a more magnificent style, design, and flexibility.


  • Created from recycled ocean material:

    Adidas uses materials for the manufacturing of their shoes are mostly recyclable. So, you can say that its material is environment-friendly.


  • Cushioning: Adidas shoes provide great cushioning. This cushioning helps in walking, running, and working. When you walk or run, the most important thing that your feet want is comfortable. And Adidas shoes provide comfort and support to your feet.


  • Weight and design: Running and walking with heavy shoes is complicated and hard. It also can damage your ankles. These shoes are made up of lightweight material. So, every shoe of Adidas is lightweight and helps to move fast as you can. Its unique designs are very attractive and beautiful.
  • Wide range of sneakers: Adidas is manufacturing a wide range of shoes and sneakers. As in this world, everyone is different from others, so their shape and size of feet also different. People with a wide toe and large feet do not need to worry about their shoes because Adidas has a wide range of sizes and shapes of shoes and sneakers for everyone.


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