10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

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10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

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10 Best Walking Shoes for Women



Every woman aims to look beautiful and wear gorgeous footwear that matches her outfit. Doing an exercise also requires a woman to have different shoes from that of going to work. Purchasing a beautiful shoe is one of her motives and can go a mile to buy the boot of her choice.

Women wear beautiful shoes so that they complement their dresses and look attractive. Women are fold of wearing different kinds of shoes every day. That’s why the designers are coming up with new designs every day to address the women’s needs.

In the current world, women are looking for shoes that will not blister their feet. Several shoes are to be used according to the event that the woman is attending. In this article, we are going to address this issue and discuss which shoes to be used where.

I will also address the cost of the shoes that are currently in the market bearing in mind how efficient the shoe is.

Types of shoes available in the

market for women to wear.


Several shoes are available in the market that is basically for women. The shoes vary from one event upon which you can be to another. They are as below.

High heeled shoes

This is the type of shoes which are made for attending special occasions such as a wedding or a date. They usually make a grand return when you wear them. These shoes are worn most, mostly so as to compliment the dress that you are wearing.

For red high heel shoes, they go well with a lovely red dress. They usually match very well and make you look most beautiful. Never wear this kind of shoes if you are expecting to run anywhere since they can make you fall very quickly.

Tennis shoes

They are a type of shoes that covers the whole feet and are used while going shopping, doing daily chores, or when exercising. These shoes provide you comfort and protection against anything that may harm your feet.

This type of shoes can walk for long distances without getting tired and the feat remaining fresh. Always use this shoe when running or intending to do a lot of chores in your garden.


This is a kind of shoes that are to be worn during cold seasons as they cover your whole feet. Tall boots are mostly worn with short skirts so that you can show off the boot and look attractive.

Also, you can wear boots with jeans, trousers, and this will still expose the shoes as they are long enough. Shorter boots are worn with long skirts to make the right style on your wear.

Women Trainers

These are shoes designed to train or for running. They give you excellent comfort and protect your legs when you are exercising. These shoes make you feel more comfortable when you are doing the training and support your hips and knees.

Flip flops

These are a type of shoes to be worn during summertime when going to the beach or any open places. They are made of leather hence make you most comfortable while in them. They are open shoes and come in a variety, so you can easily match them with any outfit.

Canvas shoes

They are almost like sports shoes. They are great worn with jeans and t-shirts and are suitable to wear during the weekend.


It is casual, like shoes that would feet you when going for a job. They come in different sizes and colors. They are very light, and you can walk a distance in them.

Shoes that are worn by women when

they are doing their daily exercise.


As a woman, you need to do exercise and run every day to gain a better body shape and burn fats in your body. To walk faster, more reliable, and comfortable, you need a better running shoe that will suit your legs.

There are shoes available that when you wear, you can do a lot of exercises comfortably. Different companies have come up with different types of shoes for women, which gives them a better look while doing their daily activities.

When buying your shoe, always consider the quality and the price that is a pocket friend. In this article, I have tried to point out the costs of several shoes and why they are most recommended to purchase in the year 2020.

Best running shoes to buy today at a low price?


Reebok Float ride energy
10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

This is running shoes that are currently trending in the market as they are very comfortable while running. It has flirted with the running market, and it is continually the best. The reebok company is continuing to release several shoes in the market since they are in demand.

The shoe does not have interference from the midsole or the upper part of it. The shoe weighs 276 grams, and its price ranges from $ to $$ depending on the shop. Get this shoe at the comfort of your pocket, and you will enjoy running.

This shoe is most recommended for women who wish to make a day to day run to exercise and lose weight. They usually fit the feet and come in different sizes hence available for all kinds of women.

Saucony Ride ISO 2


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


This is a type of shoe best in the running and has been trending a couple of months this year. The company has dramatically improved the performance of these shoes and made it the best. It is designed for good speed and comfortability for the women intending to run.

It is among the best cheat running shoe available in the market. The shoe is also used when training in a different field. The shoe weighs 249g, and Its price ranges between $$ and $$.

Running shoes for

women with flat feet


If you have a flat foot, it is sometimes challenging to find the best shoe to use while running. More so, it is difficult to wear regular shoes like other women, and there is a need to purchase a unique shoe that is to be used for this purpose.

This type of shoes available in the market varies in size, price, and also the style that you want to feel comfortable. In the running, the best shoe despite the price in the comfort of the shoe and the stability that it provides to your leg.

This is what you should consider before making any purchase. Look for a shoe that feet you, and that won’t be stressing while wearing. When you walk in a shoe store, ensure that you try wearing several shoes and try if they are the best feet for your feet.

Several kinds of shoes have been designed basically for people with flat fee as below.

Shoes to consider if you have a flat foot.


Several shoes have been manufactured to cater for the well-being of every customer. The following types of shoes are best for the person with a flat foot.

Asics Gel Kayano 26


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

This is the best shoe for the runners with a flat foot. It is well designed to correct overpronation. Though the shoe is more expensive, it is known for its popularity, smoothness, comfort, and finally, lightweight. It also ensures stability for your feet. Its price ranges between $$ to $$.

Brooks transcend


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

This is another type of flat foot that is mostly considered for its great amount of midfoot stability and cushioning for runners. The shoes come with a variety of foot sizes and give a woman the best feeling while walking.

The shoe is more expensive than other types of shoes and a little bit heavy though it’s very cushioned and supportive. It has a lot of room; thus, it’s not easy to sweat while you are on it.

Brooks dyad 10

10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


It is a spacious flat feet shoe that provides stability without interfering with their natural stride. They also have a room enough to work with orthotics. The shoe is not much expensive, and you can easily afford it to use.

Saucony guide 13


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

This is the best type of shoes that is most recommended for people with flat feet to use while running. They are suitable for those starting to run but have a flat foot. The shoes also support through the arch.

Hoka one arahi 4


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

It is a famous shoe that will be comfortable for you while you are running for a long distance. The shoe has good midfoot stability and cushioning, which eventually help to provide extra shock absorption.

Always make the right choice when purchasing your flat feet shoes for running since some may be bulky and tiresome for you. Consider visiting a doctor to recommend the best that suits and won’t affect your toes.

Also, consider the shoes that won’t last out smoothly, and that supports your feet. Your feet require the best feet to enable your body to relax and enjoy your run.

Running shoes for heavy runners


Heavy women need to do regular exercise so that they do not become overweight.  When running, as a heavy woman, you need a shoe that will provide stability for you. More so, if your step is unstable or even your arches collapse excessively while you are running, you may fall down or also develop foot injuries.

Heavy runners require a shoe that has a proper shock absorber, and that will support when running to reduce weight. If you have normal arches, which do not collapse inward while you run, you might be suited to use a neutral running shoe.

Type of shoes to choose as a heavy runner


The following kind of shoes will help you as you run and ensure stability, thereby reducing the chances of falling or getting tired quickly.

Hoka one one Rincon


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

Hoka one one Rincon is a type of shoe which a heaver runner who chooses to run a long journey should wear since it has lots of ventilation through the upper and tongue. It also has a comfortable top and tons of cushions.

Its setbacks are that it is a little slippery on slick surfaces and can easily make you fall down and slightly tight on a broad foot hence not recommended for people with a wide foot.

Altra paradigm


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


This is an ultra-cushioned daily trainer shoe that is always ready to tackle the high miles while providing a zero drop set up. The shoe has an outstanding energy return and super-wide toe box; hence you don’t sweat easily.

The shoe also has a lightweight cushion that makes you very comfortable in it. The only problem with the shoe is that it is slightly tight on the midfoot and also gets used easily.

Asics gel nimbus


Asics gel nimbus is the Best Shoe for the heavy runners as it is very comfortable and offers a smooth run that provides a great deal of not only comfort but also boasts increased flexibility and convenience over previous models.

The shoes also offer a stable and steady feel to your feet. It makes a heavy woman durable and can run for distance with it. The only set back is that it is costly.

Asics gel Kayano

10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

Asics gel kayano is another recommended running shoe for heavy people as it provides stability as you train. The shoe has a smooth heel strike to toe-off and a heel counter. The only challenge that hinders the shoe from becoming at the top is that it is costly for most people to afford.

As a heavy runner, you need more support in the arch because chances are your feet do not have a high enough arch that can support your body. Due to this, the arch Is not enough, and your body has to compensate, and that is why you experience pain in the legs, knees, ankles, and feet.

To avoid all this pain, you should pick the best shoe that will eventually support your arch, feet and also absorb the extra shock that is put on the joint.

Besides, heavy runners tend to overpronate, which means that they always need shock absorption. Overpronation puts more stress on the ankles and also the knees, thus making it even more critical to address issues before an injury occurs.

The problems, as mentioned earlier, associated with the heavy runners are solved by purchasing one of the best shoes that supports and provides comfort to your feet.

How to ensure you practice

competently as a heavy runner.


  1. Make sure that you practice proper form when you start running to get in good habits.
  2. Look directly to where you are running to balance your shoes.
  • Always aim to hit the surface with the balls of your feet.
  1. Middle of your feet so that when the foot hits the ground right under your knee, you feel comfortable.

Importance of good running form.


Proper running helps to improve the performance of the runner. It also staves off an injury that may occur in the process. Proper running minimizes damage to your joints and tendons, thereby making you comfortable.

Strength and conditioning can quickly help you improve your fun and help achieve the fitness goal that you are looking for. Good running shoes maintain your stability and reduce you from getting tired.

Running shoes that maintain your stability


Finding the best stability shoe for running is always in the mind of the many runners. Balance is what you should consider before you purchase any type of running shoe. Stability helps to correct overpronators stride and unnaturally to muscle around the runner’s form.

Stability shoes often take a less aggressive approach, the new technology and researchers has eventually stated that stable shoes are functional and improves the comfort of your run. They also reduce injury risks that are likely to occur day by day. Up to a couple of years, stability running shoes were medial post.

There would be a harder piece of foam in the midsole under the arch to counter overpronation. Although there are still many good, running shoes that adopt this solution, support shoes in 2020 are not limited to heavy, rigid boots with no flexibility at all.

The following types of shoes are the best
recommended for stability while running


Saucony Guide 13


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


Saucony Guide 13 is a type of shoes that Is redesigned and rebuilt to provide every day moderate stability for those training or running. It has a cushioning, and a new upper turned that provides security into the form possible.

It provides a natural ride and contains a form-fit high, which makes you feel very comfortable. The only set back is that it does not have potholes for letting the feet breathe.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 offers a supportive, yet springy ride as all design components work together to cut the heal with a gentle hug, which transitions smoothly into a solid toe-off.

Minor changes to the base and added medial support strips to an overall slimmed-down upper mean this Go-To-Shoe just keeps getting better. The only setbacks of the shoe are that its fit loosens miles slightly into the run; hence you cannot run for long with this kind of shoes.

Asics Gel Kayano 26


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


The ASICS Kayano 26 is a reliable everyday stability trainer built for many miles at different paces. The shoe has a smooth heel strike to toe-off. It is best worn while preparing for the long run. Still, Unfortunately, the high price tag and the many similarities it shares with the other ASICS stability offerings hold it back from being an outstanding shoe.

Asics GT 1000 8


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

The ASICS GT 1000 8 provides a firm, responsive ride with the right amount of support. The shoe provides you with the best stability, and you can walk for a long distance with it.

It comes at a high price point and offers an astounding amount of premium features for a shoe under $100. Its only set back is that it causes blisters due to a lot of friction in the feet.

New Balance 870v5


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


The New Balance 870v5 is a straightforward, lightweight stability trainer. The no-frills approach may not be for everyone but ideal for those who yearn for a more straightforward, consistent lightweight stability trainer built to handle any speed or distance. The shoe has an adorable visual design that is durable.

The shoe lasts for an extended period and has a pot that allows your toe to breathe very well. The problem with the shoes is that they have a more extended break-in time and heel slippage.

New balance fresh foam


10 Best Walking Shoes for Women


The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4 hits a precise balance between comfort and hold, avoiding shoe string issues that show up with thin tongues by utilizing traditional width laces with a touch of stretch.

The Vongo’s unique combination of a low drop, high cushion, and Varus wedge angled midsole make it stand out as its niche of mild stability offering. The only setbacks with these shoes are that they have a thick sole, which is too squishy and dense for fast movements.


Finding the best shoe when running is the crucial issue in this world. You need to make sure that you clearly understand the kind of shoe you need to start your daily exercise to enhance your running. Some shoes will eventually make you tired and make you’re running a hard task lather than a form of exercise.

Also, considering the best shoe that will offer you stability and support your ankle is a critical issue as a woman. Avoid purchasing shoes based on the price but lather its impact and how it will help you achieve your goal in the running.

Thank you for going through my article, and I hope it has educated you on matters regarding the best shoes as a woman.


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